“Working with an independent firm is a crucial component to ensuring that your advisor is acting in your interest.”

~ Greg Young

Greg-Young-Wealth Advisors

Independent Investment Advice & Wealth Management

As an independent firm, we are not tied to any one investment company or any one suite of investment products.  Our independence allows us to select from a large array of investment options and to provide our clients with objective advice that is based on their interests.

What does it mean to be independent?

Our recommendations are not limited to proprietary investment products empowering us to make investment recommendations that are truly in your interest.

We have access to objective third-party research allowing us to thoroughly investigate existing or new investment opportunities.

We offer access to a large universe of investments, including: equities, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, annuities, fixed income investments, real estate investment trust (REIT), public direct participation programs, insurance, unit investment trusts, college savings and retirement plans.